This island is liked by guests for its stunning biodiversity, white sandy seashores, untainted and pretty coral reefs, and tropical forests. Assuming you need to move away from clamor and horde of mainstream places in the Andaman’s, this is the ideal end-of-the-week escape!

Found around 36 km upper east of port Blair, this island oozes a specific sort of laid-back appeal and you can feel that at some point in the wake of setting your foot in. Moreover, it is a little island which makes it ideal for putting two or three days, in a perfect world. The amplest part is around 5 kilometers. On the off chance that you begin strolling, covering the island may require only 2 hours or something like that. It is to some degree hotter than adjoining Havelock thus needs woodland cover.

This island has enough where you can unwind or laze around in the evening time watching the nightfall and gazing at the tremendous blue ocean. There are relatively few conveniences and the seashores may not be sumptuous however that can really be euphoria in camouflage, all the more so on the off chance that you lean toward peacefulness.

Best Time to Visit Neil Island

Essentially there is no colder time of year or summer in Andaman and Nicobar Islands as heat and humidity overruns all around the year. Just the progressions in mugginess are apparent. In any case, it is best for you to stay away from the stormy season, generally July and August. The ideal period to visit Neil Island is October to February. This is the best ideal opportunity to appreciate completely clear water, rich green vegetation, and a less moist, beguiling climate. Plus, the island doesn’t get too cold even in cold weather months. The mid-year months can be warm and moist yet it doesn’t become excessively searing for the cool ocean breeze.

How to Reach Neil Island From Port Blair

The Island is approximately 37 kilometers away from Port Blair. The Government ferry service is available from Phoenix Bay jetty of Port Blair to Neil Island every day for a fixed duration and it takes around 2 hours based on the sea condition. You can book the tickets in advance from Port Blair as well as Havelock and this can be helpful if you visit the island in peak season. There are two private boat services you can avail of to reach the island as well.

Places to Visit in Neil Island

Sitapur Beach

Among the beautiful beaches of Neil Island, the Sitapur beach deserves a special mention. It is also called the sunrise beach and watching the sunrise at the beach can be an amazing experience. There are hardly any amenities though you can buy fresh coconuts. The beach remains quiet and swimming is easy.

Ram Nagar Beach

Beach no 3 is close to the Ramnagar village in the island and so it is called the Ramnagar beach. The beach is spectacular with clear blue water but it is not ideal for swimming owing to the presence of sharp corals. You get plenty of shades from the trees nearby. It is used a lot for snorkeling.

Natural Bridge

The Howrah Bridge which is a live natural coral formation resembling a bridge in Neil Island is also called the natural bridge. It is an ideal place for shutterbugs and especially the changing color of the horizon at sunset draws the tourists. The place is best visited at sunset.

Kala Patthar Beach

Nearby Havelock Island has plenty of attractions and people visiting Neil island head to that place, usually. The contrast posed by its white silky sand and large black rocks fascinates the eyes for sure. Sometimes, it is crowded but the southern part remains somewhat secluded

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is where most of the people visiting Neil Island are headed to. The greenery and vast sandy beach are like ointment on tired eyes. The beach is also loved by visitors for its colorful coral reefs and the pretty aquatic creatures swimming around are like icing on the cake.

Laxmanpur Beach

The Laxmanpur Beach has a lovely waterfront and the White shell sand is ideal for playing and enjoying long strolls. The kids can play with the seashells found in abundance in the beach area. The shallow and calm sea is just perfect for swimming. You also get great imaging opportunities.

Long Islands

Long Island is a largely unspoiled beautiful island in the Andaman that should be on your itinerary. If you like Neil Island’s serenity you will love long island beyond doubt! The village ambiance is additive and you get basic amenities for eating and staying on the island.

Activities in Neil Island

See locating in Neil island

The regular excellence and beach are the best things to see when you are on this island. There isn’t a lot of woods development here attributable to the environment. You can see the regular scaffold which is an optimal spot for photography.

Visit seashores

Certain, a large portion of the occasions the guests to the island spend in the delightful, sandy seashores. The seashores are named after characters of Indian folklore. The Laxman Pur seashore and dawn seashore are pursued by a large portion of the travelers. Bharatpur Beach, notwithstanding, is better for water sports exercises.

Cycling around Neil Island

The island isn’t huge and it is feasible to investigate every last bit of it by cycling! The inns lease cycles to the visitors or you can discover one from the market as well. The rate is modest and you may likewise lease a bicycle for investigating the district.

Ocean stroll in Neil island

Neil Island isn’t much well known for ocean strolling however a similar movement is very mainstream in Havelock islands.

Game Fishing

Close by Havelock Island is more visited by fishermen yet for game fishing, Neil Island is likewise sufficient. Attempt to fish when the tides are not solid for the best outcomes. Utilize great footwear and attempt to fish around nearby close to the wharf for a great catch.


The unblemished and astonishing seashores of this island are useful for plunging and swimming. Be that as it may, Bharatpur Beach is the place where most water sports exercises occur. The Sitapur seashore is additionally ideal for swimming sweethearts. The inns at the island can end up being helpful in such a manner.

Scuba Diving

The plunge shop offered by one of the inns on the island is ideal for learning and getting a charge out of scuba jumping. Most sightseers keen on the games pick the Sea Shell Neil jump shop. There are a couple of seaward locales focused on jumpers with shifting degrees of effectiveness.